This a lexicon of Black Rock musicians that spans from the original creators of the Rock & Roll genre, beginning in 1940's, and includes contemporaneous (ethnically) Black Rock musicians. Contrary to what is often depicted, Rock & Roll actually began in the 1940's with notable musicians such as Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Fats Domino, and Big Joe Turner. The nomenclatures of Jump Blues and Blues Shouters are often , somewhat inaccurately, generically used to described their individuals styles. Blues is definitely a component of their music. When listening to many of these songs it also becomes readily apparent that these songs are undeniably early Rock & Roll. These songs created the double entendres that are staples of Rock & Roll, and were some of the first songs to include the vernacular usage of the words "Rock and Roll".

To empirically and factually document the impetus, history and evolution of the original Rock & Roll creators and ethnically Black "Rock musicians". To continue their legacies and to foster and illuminate new generations of Black Rock musicians.